I heard a teacher

Gone are the days of the intimidating parabolic lecture theatre, where if you were late you got to sit at the top in the nose-bleed section and watch the chalk board with binoculars. Ohh….. for the days of the Chemistry 101 lecture theatre at the University of Melbourne.

Another new experience. Learning these days is quite different. I was invited to an orientation at Victoria University Footscray Nicholson campus. Such a funky space. Assorted tables and stools in random areas, at different levels with not a parallel line in sight. Each area had visibility of the main projection screen, but also had monitor screens on the walls in each space for a better view of what was being presented. It allowed for breakout sessions insitu, as well as group discussion overall. I took this picture of my surroundings once everyone had left as I was so impressed with the space. I keep calling it a space as it just doesn’t seem right to call it a lecture theatre.

VU learning

The primary colors, muted lights and random setting made this space inviting. You could sit on the stools or on the edge of the floor space. It could fit 20 or 200 easily without seeming weird. It is amazing what designers are coming up with. I’m sure this space will be conducive to many informative sessions over the coming year. I was pleasantly surprised by this learning space and can’t wait to see what else has changed in the education environment. One is never too old.


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