I tasted oysters

I enjoy an oyster and not just any old oyster. My favorite restaurant poaches them in a lightly salted, spiced lime and lemongrass broth, situated on a slice of mushroom. They come in a specially designed earthenware plate with scooped out hollows in which the oysters are nestled. The plate has mini peaked earthenware caps to hold the heat and flavor until each morsel can be consumed. It’s a bit like a shell game peaking under the caps for the delicacies beneath. Yum.. I need to plan a visit before the drooling becomes too obvious.

But no, these oysters even out did the Monsoon oysters. I attended a function where oysters were plentiful, oh-natural with various dressings and citrus wedges.  This was a battle of the States.

Bowl upon bowl of ice covered with oysters.
Bowl upon bowl of oysters for the eating.

There were oysters from Sandy Bay, Tasmania and Sydney rock, New South Wales and Coffin Bay, South Australia. It was a feast for oyster lovers with unlimited helpings, and wine a-plenty. Previously I’ve really enjoyed the Tassie oysters which are generally plump and creamy, but this year the Sydney rock oysters [left] were quite tasty with only a hint of salt.  The Sandy Bay oysters [below] were still plump and creamy and let me assure you that I indulged in several [plates] of these as well.


Sandy BayOne should always keep an open mind and trying new things. All things change and the change might surprise you. Never miss out on a new experience.




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