I had a break

Well, what a wonderful break. Christmas, family, friends, New Year, Australia Day – all good reasons to celebrate. Many different varieties of entertainment – movie releases, beaches, cricket matches, Australian Tennis Open. Lots of good choices for someone with breaks on a break.

Yes, you got it right. I fell down and broke a few things. I pulled off a good parody of a couch potato. I’ve never really appreciated my right arm before, but now that I can rotate my forearm and type, I’m back on line and in the game 😉

Slowing down is a wonderful way to appreciate what you have. With the fast pace of life these days we rush by many marvels and take them for granted. I have had a bit of fun learning to use my left hand for many things. My writing became legible, no cursive script, but legible nonetheless. I was even complimented on my ability to eat [and not wear it all over my face]. I’m proud of that fact, but I did miss steak , chicken and anything that needed to be cut with a knife.

Challenge to all out there
Try using a manual toothbrush to clean your teeth – with your opposite hand. Let me know how you go. It’ll take a few days, but soon it wont seem strange at all. Go on, give it a go.


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