I ate noodles

No I didn’t! Melbourne had a Night Noodle Market for two weeks in the endeavor to recreate the experience of Asian street food. There was hustle and there was bustle. There was barbecue smoke and hanging lanterns. Birrarung marr was converted into a three level Asian eatery of all types. I will admit there were noodles at the night noodle market, but there was much much more. Over 40 different restaurants with 3-4 morsels on offer, and I just couldn’t eat my way through to the noodles. One has to be selective in this case of riches.

This is how you can optimize your food enjoyment! There needs to be more of it. No more going to a great seafood restaurant, that doesn’t have good desserts. This way you get to sample the best of everything [only if you’re really, REALLY hungry]. But at least with this format you can strategically sample the best until you burst.

In order: Pumpkin and feta gyoza with a honey dressing from Zagyoza. Rather tasty starters. Fried Den chicken from Izakya Den. Crunchy and salty, with an aioli sauce and lemon wedge. Chilli caramel pork belly from Red Spice Road – so delicious, I’m not sure if it is meant to be main or dessert.

gyoza den chicken pork belly

There were many more morsels on offer, but I will have to try again next year to do it justice. Definitely something to put in the calendar when the weather starts to warm up in November. Until then I still have the sights, smells and taste of a wonderful Asian street food experience [even if not really authentic].


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