I heard rain

Over the weekend we had some fabulous rain. It was light and constant and soaking. Great for the garden and for achieving a deep soaking of the soil. I definitely have some happy plants in the yard now. The heat had created a wilted effect throughout, but rain has a rejuvenating quality.

The sound of rain on the roof and deck is a gentle humming sound. Strange to the ear, after such hot weather, but something one could get lost-in-time listening to. Stopping to pause and listen to the rain was therapeutic. With more listening you start to hear other sounds, like the chipping of a bird and it’s impulsive dash through the foliage of the overhanging tree outside my window. Other sounds also intrude, like the gurgling of the down pipe as the water swirls and accumulates. I can also hear the squelching swish of tyres traveling through the puddles growing on the road.

The sounds were enticing and I was compelled to go outside and feel the rain as well as hear the rain. The gentle touches on my face brought a smile. This is what rain feels like after a hot period, light, soothing and cleansing. With my jaunt outside, my other senses are instantly engaged and I also get the sight and smell of the rain.

When you pause to experience something, make sure that you engage all your senses. So there was nothing left but to stick my tongue out.


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