I saw green

green growth Another day on the highway. Again, I was inspired to pull over and take a photo.

The fires that tore through the Grampians last year left a trail of blackened soil and stumps in its wake. The fire was hot and fast and sweep away any remnant of green.

Today, I witnessed the irrepressible drive to live. The renewal through fire of the Australian bush is never more evident than the spring after a bush fire. The trees had sprung to life with a fuzzy green shimmer of sprouted suckers and leaves. Each sucker fighting for dominance in the future growth of the tree. Fighting for the title of apical meristem, otherwise known as the dominant growth point. The flush of leaves is to build a reserve of energy through photosynthesis, and the best and fastest wins the title. The tree then continues on with its sentinel watch of the bush.

grass trees The blackened grass trees have had a different reaction. They need fire to reproduce and these magnificent flower stalks are evidence of life continuing to the next generation.

Life goes on even after a tragic event like fire. We can all take solace from natures ability to renew and continue to thrive. We all have built in reserves of strength for what ever comes our way. Whether we are aspiring to be an apical meristem, or to build for the next generation, we have the strength to achieve it, just like in nature.


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