I ate Lotus

Lotus flowerIt was the week of Lotus. While waiting for dinner with a friend, I happened across some caramelized biscuits, The Original, if you believe the packaging and the biscuits were called Lotus. This resonated with me as I had been to the Blue Lotus Water Garden in Yarra Junction recently. It is a lovely, private and spectacular garden.

I bought the packet of biscuits and they were quite delicious, really yum! This was not the end of the Lotus-ness. It’s always fun to make-up words 🙂 makes you sound more creative.

My friend arrived for dinner at my favorite restaurant. It’s a bit quirky, but the food is always tasty and very well presented. For my chilli loving friends, there are opportunities to burn your taste buds off – I’ve never understood the point of seasoning a plate until you can’t taste it, but each to their own. I’m more chilli-phobic, and to find a Malaysian restaurant that makes really good tasty food, that is not laced in chilli, is quite unique.

Blue Lotus dumplings

Guess what I had for entree?  Blue Lotus dumplings! I felt that I had to have these dumplings given the Lotus-filled day I was having. Here they are. Yum! They are tasty as well as very pretty.

So whether it’s a biscuit or a dumpling or a scenic view, get out there and enjoy the Lotus.


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