I laughed out loud

Sorry, no photo this week. It would be too incriminating.

When you see something silly, you just need to laugh out loud. Luckily I was in the car and the object of my mirth didn’t notice. This also prevented the taking of a photo. Friends – don’t drive and shoot photos with you phone at the same time. Nothing good will come of it.

What did I see that inspired a laugh out loud moment? I saw someone wearing white clothes and mowing the nature strip. The shear impractical nature of such an exercise. Cut grass stains can be intractable at times so why choose to wear white??

The first observation and chuckle was superseded when I notice that the lawn-tending sole was observing the tradition of wearing “safety” sandals. Such protective measures never stand a chance in the face of a motorized lawn mower.

The ridiculous nature of wearing white and “safety” sandals in combination to cut grass was too ludicrous and inspired the laugh out loud moment. Although this was literally a laughing matter, please stay safe out there and wear the appropriate attire when mowing the lawn.

caution_MOWING-IN-PROGRESS-500x400_aa576754-7be3-4680-a95e-20ee56c3d5b4 mandatory_FOOT_PROTECTION_MUST_BE_WORN_IN_THIS_AREA_1024x1024


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