I saw yellow

Driving down the highway [again], it is still very visually rich with green paddocks, old sentinel trees that I love and the odd couple of livestock wandering around. Climbing out of Ballarat expecting more of the same, being hypnotized by the white lines, I was then hit with YELLOW. I had to pull over and take a photo. It was like someone was screwing with the color contrast.

Yellow as far as the eye can see.
Yellow as far as the eye can see.

Islands of dark green trees swimming in a sea of yellow, rather surreal. I just stood there on the side of the road drinking in the yellow, watching the shadows from the clouds race across the paddocks.

This is canola at its most spectacular phase. It only happens at this time of year. Sometimes in our travels we need to just pull over and appreciate the beauty of nature. It is five minutes well spent: fresh air, change of visual focus, mind stimulation and building good memories. There is nothing like experiencing this first hand out in the open, rather than through the isolation of the windscreen.


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