I heard a story

I did something different. I went to a book launch. Doing something different is always a good idea to expand your experiences and perspective, and this was an indulgence in the ridiculous and sublime.

I went to Readings [a book store] in Hawthorn for the launch of Shaun Micallefs’ book The President’s Desk. It was billed as the culmination of years of research and covert investigation in to Australia’s special relationship with the United States. Warning: nothing Shaun Micallef says should be taken at face value. Shaun is a witty comedian who’s humor is borderline ridiculous. Even Shaun himself advised that the book should not be taken solely as a true historical record of events.

It definitely  provided an alternate paradigm with which to view historical events. Shaun admitted that  when the story lines were a bit thin, he “interpreted” the situation with some creative licence. He read a passage from the book about the loss of a sailing ship The Resolute, which was found by some Americans in the Arctic and eventuated in a desk in the White House. The story meandered through court proceedings, mutiny, dugongs, mermaids and the odd tipple of rum.

Shaun Micallef mid-ravings
Shaun Micallef mid-ravings

It was a good night, full of humor and the ridiculous. Shaun has many different character voices and his use of them was laugh-out-loud funny.  A night well spent. I had a smile on my face and a new perspective of the world given the creative licence Shaun allowed himself in the book. Funny moments stay with you to be recalled time and again. I definitely recommend attending a comedy event or even if desperate reading Shaun’s book. 🙂


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