I smell bubblegum

A light sweet smell wafts on the rays of sunshine. A more powerful burst is released as you brush past the tree. I call it the bubblegum tree, but it is otherwise known as a Port Wine Magnolia, Michelia figo. A lovely understated bushy tree, which has small purplish flowers at its peak that start green and then finish brown. I took this photo with the sun shining through the leaves. The sight and smell simply brings a smile to your face.

bubblegum tree

This is one of two that I have in my back yard. I also have Daphne and gardenias. It’s important when designing a yard to have smelly plants as well. Smell is a wonderful sensory reminder and all these floral smells I associate with Summer, sunshine, relaxing and downtime. For some reason when I’m rushing around my back yard I don’t detect smells. It’s only when I sit and read a book, or relax in the sunshine that my other senses kick in to record the moment. There must be something to the saying, “Stop and smell the roses”. I would encourage you all to go out into the wide world and stop and smell the roses, the Daphne, the gardenias and even the bubblegum trees.



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