I felt soft warm fur

Fuzz therapy is another indulgence of mine. Cuddle a cat, pat a dog – fuzz therapy works for whatever your problems are. Smooching with a puss-tat is just sharing the love around. You’ve probably guess that I have two crazy cats that enjoy jarmy days [see other post] as much as I do. They were the basic inspiration for jarmy days.

The alternative to my jarmy days are spending time at the local animal shelter patting and walking the inmates. My lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to being a dog-owner, but I still indulge in fuzz therapy as often as I can. The puppy dogs are glad for the attention, the pats and cuddles, and the walks. Any time out of a pen is well spent for the inmates. You can never go wrong with a dog after you’ve had the proper training. A dog’s insatiable enthusiasm to get out into the wide world and see what’s there is something to be marveled at. It renews ones faith in optimism.

The shelter I attend is run by a great bunch of people and volunteers with a no-kill philosophy. They also interview the adoptive parents for their suitability of being a dog owner and only release well matched animals to their families.  A boundless-energy cattle dog is not the right match as a lap dog for Gran. The animals and people both get assessed and only then can the best matches be made.

It is a win-win situation all round. Volunteers need to be 18 years old and have a recent tetanus vaccination. I volunteer my time and feel good about myself, the animals get the attention and walks that they crave, and the shelter gets free labor. I would recommend to anyone with some free time to go and offer to help at a shelter as the personal benefit is highly rewarding fuzz therapy. My little fuzz ball came from there too.

Ellie stretch1


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