I saw a sunset

Sometimes we need to just stop and smell the roses, or enjoy the moment, or appreciate our surroundings, or take a breath. How many euphemisms are there about simply pausing in ones life for a second? There are many and if all those people bothered to get this descriptive about an idea, then I think we should indulge the concept. Recently I had a moment of time to myself on a lovely beach at sunset, so I captured the image to share.

Take your time
Take your time

Note, there are no tyre tracks or foot prints. This is virgin territory for the imagination to wander. Take a moment to be calm and imagine what happens next. Take that deep breath, spend a few seconds enjoying the colors, the waves and the sand. It’s almost  impossible to resist, but I can hear the slight shushing of the waves as the colors on the horizon deepen. Find yourself a sunset and allow yourself the time to enjoy it.


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