I had a jarmy day

We all feel the need to be presentable most of the time. We shower, dress and possibly brush our hair, all in the effort to be socially acceptable. The alternative is socially unacceptable, which is a bit of a downer, but at times I can thoroughly recommend it. I have a concept called jarmy days – where you wake up, and stay in your pajama’s all day.

On said days, one stays inside and officially sloths and indulges in the pursuit of nothing. One might catch up on recorded TV shows, read a book, have a nap, or simply gather some vitamin D through an open window. Alternatives involve lounging around, surfing the internet or listening to music.

The therapeutic benefits of jarmy days are countless.  They have remarkable restorative powers after an action packed week of work and travel, or just dealing with life in general. The mind is cleared. The sleep box is refilled. Our general biology and metabolism is improved from the reduction of stress experienced during jarmy days. I’m sure there are many scientific studies that cover the varied activities of jarmy days and their benefits, but I haven’t been bothered to find them.

What sort of endorsement was that?? You guess it 🙂 I’m on a jarmy day right now! Stay unwashed, unchanged and leave that hair brush alone. It has to be experienced.


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