I smell bickies

Wait a moment. Wait, a moment. A melting moment.
Smell is a powerful memory jogger. Good smells and bad smells, but more importantly the smell of baking biscuits. I understand why they recommend cooking before an open house inspection – people will positively drool.
I’m known for my moments and I hadn’t made them for a while. The bickies came out a golden yellow with the traditional fork stripe imprint, another moment to cool, then glue them together with lemon icing. Very simple and very yummy.


Here are the secrets [not anymore!] to perfect melting moments.
7 tablespoons (tbsp) icing sugar
7 tbsp custard powder (the White Wings one, not the FostersClark one – this way they will have a natural color and not fluorescent yellow)
16 tbsp plain flour
big pinch of salt (grind it in the pestle and mortar – so you don’t have salt crystals randomly in the biscuits)
250g butter (room temperature, on a hot day put the mixture in the fridge to cool before making balls and baking otherwise you will have pancakes, on a cold day you will need more elbow grease and warmth from your hands to make the mixture work, about 20C is the ideal room temperature to cook)
Measure out the dry ingredients and start massaging the butter in with your (gloved – keep it hygenic) hands. When it is mostly mixed, add a slosh of vanilla essence (the good stuff), and work through until the mixture comes together as a big lump. Pull off knuckle sized lumps and roll into a ball. Press with the back of a fork and bake at 170C (fan forced) for 10 minutes. Use the timer (don’t go over or under). Allow to cool, and glue together with lemon icing.
Go and be a devil, give it a try!


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