I saw clouds

Brilliant sunny winter afternoon

How long has it been since you have stopped and looked at a cloud. Really looked at the sky, rather than a glance to see if it would rain. I stopped to take a break from the domestic chores of the day, to sit on my couch in the sun and look out the window.
When you were a kid, did you ever just stop and look at the sky for minutes at a time, just watching the clouds move and form and reform. I spent some time looking at this view and imagining the creatures within. The start of the imagination process begets more creativity. I saw a creature frozen mid-swipe to grab me down here on earth. This led to other realms of story and threads. A moment lived vicariously.
I recommend that on the next sunny day you take some time and look to the sky and see where you end up.
Did you see what I saw? I twaut I taw a puddi tat. 🙂


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