I have curtains and blinds

My house is finished.

Just enough sun to laze around in
Just enough sun to laze around in

The blinds and curtains were installed this week. The final dressing and the finishing touch to the renovations. They go up and they go down. They open and they close. They give me the privacy that I have been denied for months. The blinds fit within the window frames, so they still showcase the beautiful varnished timber architraves and give the sense of the natural elements.

Curtains lounge
Afternoon sun to laze in

The curtains are mounted on the wall and open to expose the full extent of the windows and timber frames. This allows as much of the outside to come inside as possible. When the curtains and blinds are closed my house is now nice and toasty, and keeps the winter cold at bay…. and saves on the power bills.

To finish a project is an achievement of sorts, but to have a bit of newness in your life gives you a touch stone to ground you in the here and now. It allows you to reflect and appreciate the difference before it becomes integrated into your life and you don’t see it any more. How long will I continue to notice the blinds and curtains when I walk into a room. We all need a bit of newness now and then, go find some.


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