I saw a tree

A four hour trip to Horsham could be considered an excessive commute to visit a work site. Once you’ve passed the lovely town of Beaufort, the highway gains some personality. There are many different vistas that you could miss if you were just focused on the road. There are some dips into forested fern gullies, like at Snake Valley Road. There are also the Mallee gums with their scrubby underbrush. My favorite are the Manna gums which stand proud and sentinel. They are the epitome of Australia. The things they have seen over time. Their branched majesty reaching for the sky just begs for a photo. Along the highway the backdrop to these magnificent trees varies from the mountain ranges of the Grampians and the vestigial Great Dividing Range to the productive broad acre cropping farmlands. No matter the backdrop, these great trees stand out with their own story to tell. Some that are broad and branched look like perfect climbing trees for kids and takes me back to the carefree days of childhood, when you climbed trees just for the fun of it. Other slender doyens look like perfect roosts for koalas or eagles.
The visual splendor of these trees revive the conscious mind, and allow for vivid recollections of the past as well as new material to reinforce their majesty in one’s mind. The mind needs to be refreshed with these and other glorious images as often as possible. Go and see what you can see.

Who me?
Who me?

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